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So the evening did not start off too well. I made a rookie mistake and left the studio without a spare battery. The sun was starting to sink and it looked like the makings of an amazing sunset. I set up the shot in frame and a the battery was dead. I had no choice but to drive back to the studio for the spares. I managed to make a quick turn around and get back before the sun totally set. There was a beautiful orange cast of light in the sky so I framed the shot again and hoped to make something out of the evening session. I headed back to my computer to edit the shoot. I am used to shooting with digital SLRs and have a pretty good feel for what I can capture in certain conditions. I was not expecting too much from this evenings shoot. From the dead batteries, forgotten spares and the haze across the sky, I wasn't hopeful. I felt like I was going to get a shot without a lot of contrast, but I was totally wrong. The dynamic range in these photos from the Phase One were totally incredible! I was able to pull out the details and multiple layers I did not expect to see. Once again very I am very impressed. Here are a couple photos from the sunset shoot. {gallery}sunset1{/gallery}

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